Quality Management
In order to achieve proper ratio between quality and performance, FreakStein can be configured with different quality levels. Quality level can be easily setted with a macro or by using advance quality control panel.

How can I use macro to change quality?
Quality level can be easily chosen by selecting one of four macro available. A macro can be activated by pressing a sphera button on your toolbar or selecting one on the Quality menu:

Quality Macro Details
Each Quality Macro use different setting:
High QualityBuild a 1800x1200 image resampling all parts of photo
Middle QualityBuild a 800x600 image resampling all parts of photo
Low QualityUse original quality of every part
Very Low QualityReduce original base image to 320x240 and use original quality of the rest of part

Advance Quality Management
To customize all options regard quality management just select the Quality tab like the picture below:

Advance Quality Control Panel
After you select Quality tab, you can see the panel showed below:

Antialiasing is the primary factor to obtain optimal image. Its reduces the bad edge contrast between different actors's part.
You can try to reduce this parameter for increase parts visibility.

Image Quality
This group of parameter defines the image size of your Freak.

  - Base Image Quality option make the size of image like the actor used for hair.

- Custom option offer the possibility to change the image size as you like. You can choose:

Icon 160x160
Draft 320x240
Low 640x480
Normal 800x600
High 1024x768
Huge 1800x1200

If you select a custom image size, you can choose which type of Interpolation is used to enlarge or ensmall original image.

Parts Quality
Actors's images can have different size. In order to obtain optimal quality, FreakStein can resize images parts to the size of Base Image. Check this field if you want and choose which type of Interpolation you want use.