Make a Freak Movie
FreakStein can create a movie with the trasformation from an actor to your Freak.

How can I do it?
Movie dialog can be activared using the toolbar button or using the file menu:


Movie Dialog
Movie dialog below appears on movie request:

All parameters can be changed to make the movie as you like.

Show start/end image
Start image and/or End image can be added to begin and end of your movie for time as you like.

Video Options
Main video option can be modified on this zone. You can change the duration of trasformation, the Frame per Second value, the video size, the type of interpolation and the amount of antialiasing.

Source Type
This field can be changed to select the face showed at start of video. You can select the base actor used for build your Freak with its original face or with other actor' face.

Fade in/out
This check allows to begin and end the movie with a classic black fade. You can change the effect time as you like.

Invert Movie
Movie can be inverted to reverse trasformation.

Loop Movie
This value allows you to repeat movie each time you want.

Codec Selection
Selected the filename you want, you can build movie pressing the Make Movie button, after this, FreakStein show you the standard codec selection dialog:

Select the codec you want, press OK button and wait result, FreakStein open generated movie with your deafult movie application.