Color Adjust
Each Actor has each skin color. When you combine actors's part, FreakStein automaticly adjust the part's color for obtain the great result. You can tune this work using advance color management.

How can I do it?
Select the colors tab just like the picture below:

After this, you can see the Reset All Color button, the Auto Calculate button and the Main Color Control Tab.

Reset All Color button
This button allows you to reset all color to the original state.
Note: A Freak made combining actors's parts, loses automatic color balance.

Auto Calculate button
To reset all color to the state made automaticly by FreakStein, you have to choose Auto Calculate button.

Main Color Control Tab
Every color detail of every part of the face can be changed. Each part of the face is identified with a Tab, which can be modified by changing Luminosity and/or RGB components.

Tune Example
FreakStein could not optimize the final result in case of your Freak' face is clearer than the rest of the picture.

Face luminosity can be changed to obtain a more natural effect: